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The Unbreakables

Barr (Fugitive Colors) skillfully portrays powerful connections among women in this gripping and honest tale of betrayal and transformation. Midwest sculptor Sophie Bloom is devastated when a hack of Ashley Madison, a dating site for cheaters, reveals—on Sophie’s 42nd birthday—that her husband has been unfaithful. Even worse, she finds out that her best friends knew of at least one indiscretion. Her daughter, Ava, is spending a semester in Paris, has a pregnancy scare, and begs Sophie to come support her; seizing the chance to leave her old life behind, Sophie rushes to Europe. Once there, Ava’s married lover introduces her to dying sculptor Nathalie Senard, who needs help finishing her final pieces. As Sophie carries out Nathalie’s wishes, she finds the art brings her back to herself, and she rediscovers her zest for life in spectacularly satisfying and libertine fashion. This exquisitely wrought novel will appeal to readers who believe in the redemption of new beginnings, and in the necessity of facing the past while making a deliberate effort to move forward. Agent: Stéphanie Abou, Massie & McQuilkin. (June).


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Posted in News & Other Writings on Mar 31, 2019