NYT bestselling author Lisa Barr to promote new novel in Greenville

- Greenville Journal

Lisa Barr, a New York Times bestselling author and print journalist, will make a stop at Soby’s in Greenville to support her fourth novel “The Goddess of Warsaw.”

Drawing inspiration from her background as a journalist, Barr crafted her story using news hooks such as the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in World War II.

The book drops the reader in 2005 where Hollywood’s latest it girl, Sienna Hayes, meets Golden Age era movie star Lena Browning. Hayes decides she wants to make a film about Browning’s life and discovers that Browning was Bina Blonski, a Polish Jew who was imprisoned with her husband, Jakub, in the ghastly, cramped ghetto along with the rest of Warsaw’s surviving Jews. During World War II, Bina becomes a spy and over a decade after escaping the ghetto, Bina becomes Lena and rises to fame in Hollywood. However, someone from Blonski’s past reemerges and she has to put her skills into play to protect herself, her career and her loved ones.

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Posted in News & Other Writings on May 22, 2024