Booklist Review of THE UNBREAKABLES

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Issue: May 15, 2019
The Unbreakables.
By Lisa Barr

June 2019. 352p. Harper, paper, $16.99 (9780062895394)

Sophie Bloom thought her life was impenetrable: her marriage was long-lasting and her friend group so
solid they called themselves “The Unbreakables.” But on the night of Sophie’s birthday, a terrible secret is
revealed and the heartbreaking truth of her relationships leaves her at a loss. When a family crisis brings
Sophie to France, she decides to stay and rebuild her most fragile relationship: the one with herself.
Amidst her heartbreak and rage Sophie is given the opportunity to embrace passion in more ways than one.
From a steamy fling to rediscovering her talent for sculpting, Sophie learns that there is beauty in the
breakdown, and develops a lust for life previously unknown. The Unbreakables is a well-crafted novel
about heartbreak, passion, and reclaiming one’s life. The strength of this novel lies in the way Sophie’s
emotions almost radiate from the page. Fans of Barr’s historical fiction debut (Fugitive Colors, 2012) will
appreciate her foray into contemporary fiction.
— LynnDee Wathen

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