LA Magazine: Bestselling author Lisa Barr talks “Goddess of Warsaw” with Book World Maven Zibby Owens

- Los Angeles Magazine

Tenacity is a theme that runs throughout the works of New York Times best-selling author Lisa Barr. Barr’s debut novel Fugitive Colors, a gripping World War II-era thriller, was followed by The Unbreakables, a feminist manifesto pivoting on a woman who jets off to France amidst marital collapse on a mission of personal growth and self-discovery. Next came Woman on Fire, a high-stakes mystery set amidst the Nazi stolen-art world. Barr’s latest novel, The Goddess Of Warsaw, published last month, charts the triumphant tale of Bina Blonski, a young Polish Jew who survives the Holocaust by serving as a Nazi spy–and later becomes a Hollywood star.

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Posted in News & Other Writings on Jun 23, 2024