THE UNBREAKABLES: When your life falls apart … Create a New One


Happy February, My Friends —

As you may know I wear several hats. I’m a Mom of four daughters (one furry :)), an author, journalist and blogger. Many times these hats overlap and I feel like I’m racing against time trying to get all my crap done — before the dinner bell rings. Hello, Motherhood/Womanhood/Writerhood.

Wearing my author hat, I wanted to share this with you because many of you are avid readers and EVERYONE likes a good sale. Yesterday, my new book baby THE UNBREAKABLES went on sale! Yes — it’s only $1.99 TODAY on Amazon/KINDLE, and all your fave retailers (see book link below). Listed on PopSugar’s “Best Books of Summer” and voted by PopSugar readers as a “Best BOOK CLUB Book” — THE UNBREAKABLES is “a delicious, sharp novel about a Chicago Mom who jets off to the South of France after her perfect marriage collapses, putting the broken pieces of herself back together while rediscovering her own joie de vivre—a lust for life, art, and passion … it’s artful, feminist, and emotionally gripping.” And yes … sexy.

THANK YOU so much for checking out my book. NOTE: Red wine is a MUST while reading. You’re welcome.

So here’s to Love, Laughter, Self-Care … and like my badass protagonist Sophie Bloom, may you, too, find your passion.  

xoxo Lisa Barr, Editor and Creator of GIRLilla Warfare

BOOK LINK: https://tinyurl.com/theunbreakablesnovel